It is a nice tradition to start with a “Hello world” program when you learn a new programming language. Although this is my first blog post, it feels also like learning a new programming language. It also helps me to get in touch with Octopress and GitHub Pages where this blog is hosted. I also need to get more familiar with markdown.

Let me tell you some details about myself. My name is Philipp Garbe and I started programming when I was a teen (some C++ but mostly VB). After .Net was first-time released I switched to C# and it is still my favourite language. But in the last couple of months I came more and more in contact with Ruby and F#. And not to forget my love-hate relationship with JavaScript. For almost all of my projects I use git as version control and the more I work with it the more I like it. It´s not that easy at the beginning (compared to subverion) but it has a lot of power.

Since several years now, I work for a great company in Munich. We work in very agile teams and I have the freedom to experiment with techniques like CQRS, Event Sourcing and DDD. I also believe that Continous Delivery (or Continous Deployment if possible) is fundamental for good teams and good products.

So, what´s next? There will be some interesting news in the next weeks. Together with my colleague Matthias I started a new project that should make releases less painful. I don´t want to spoiler so subscribe to this blog and you´ll be updated.